Costycnc: Bring your ideas to life

Make your creative projects a reality with the Costycnc CNC machine.

Costycnc: Bring your ideas to life

Make your creative projects a reality with the Costycnc CNC machine.
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Costycnc is the most affordable foam cutter on the market.

High-Precision Cutting at an Affordable Price.

It also comes with a free and online program (editor) that is super simple to use, even for beginners.



Easy to mount

In this video, I will give you a summary of how to assemble a CostyCNC mini machine, cut polystyrene with it, and glitter it. I will start by mounting the different parts of the CostyCNC. Once the machine is assembled, I will show you how CostyCNC cut polystyrene and how to glitter the cut polystyrene.

Convert image to Gcode:

Convert your images into Gcode files for CNC foam cutting. Here some examples with images cutting by costycnc macchine. No experience or special skills are required to use Costync.


Costync is an extremely portable foam cutting machine. It is lightweight and compact, so it can be easily transported and stored. This makes it perfect for use in the workshop or at home.Costync can easily be transported in a standard car.


CostyCNC is a CNC foam cutting machine that is easy to use and allows you to create polystyrene objects without having advanced knowledge of graphics, CAD, or CAM.

Create names or numbers as centerpieces for birthdays or festive events, characters or names for children's bedrooms.

Production of custom signs for businesses, including logos and messages.

Production and sale of signs for events such as exhibitions, fairs and conferences.

Design and sale of decorative signs for homes and offices.

Creating signs and displays for facades for outdoor use.

Creating signs for orientation in public spaces, companies and shopping centers.

Development of custom signs for sporting events, such as golf courses and arenas.

Design and sale of signs for the food industry, including restaurants, markets and shops.

Creating signs for industrial and technical applications, such as packaging and labelling.

Design and sale of signs for sales and advertising, including signs for product launches and promotional events.

Combination of foam signs with other materials such as carved acrylic fronts, thin wood panels or UV printing to create more exclusive signs.

CostyCNC can be used by anyone, even if you have never used a CNC machine before. The CostyCNC software is free and online, and can be used on any computer.

Simply create an image using any graphics program or the CostyCNC program itself. Then, load the image into the CostyCNC program and the program will automatically create the G-code necessary for the CNC machine. Once the G-code is created, the CostyCNC program will allow you to start the cutting process.

CostyCNC can cut: Polystyrene,Depron,Etc... Does not cut: Acrylics, Wood, MDF, Metal materials

The price of CostyCNC varies depending on the model. The base model costs around €200, and the most advanced model costs around €600.

CostyCNC is available for purchase on the website

CostyCNC is also available on eBay.

For more details, contact me on WhatsApp at +39 3804676700.

CostyCNC customer support is available 24/7. You can contact by e-mail:, phone or watsapp: +39 3804676700

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