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Costycnc Image to Gcode Converter and Gcode Sender

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only contour (need to reload image!!!)

step/rotate= (mini-32)
piano rotante (rotate table)
Rap x=
Rap y=
Dim x= approximate cm
Dim y= approximate cm



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Image for cut

Few images example to cut with costycnc foam cutter.

Click right on image with mouse and copy.

Go to Gcode box and click right and click paste.

Image for test is costycnc machine cut at 90 degrees

This test image is used to check if your CNC is correctly mounted at 90 degrees.


Image of low complexity to test costycnc foam cutter machine.

Horse image 47cmx40cm for cut with costycnc foam cutter machine

Horse image for cut with costycnc foam cutter. Image have 47 cm height and 40 cm large.

Costycnc Image to Gcode: Converti immagini in Gcode in modo semplice e veloce

In questi video, vi mostriamo come utilizzare il programma Image to Gcode di Costycnc.Il programma e molto semplice da usare: basta caricare l'immagine che si desidera convertire e impostare le opzioni desiderate.